FOODTRACKER-QR: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf flavors with the Natural Oil of Bergamot.
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foodtracker-qr presents:


A whole new world of great tea & coffee flavors. 

For instance:

Chai-Tai-Earl Tea – A Spiced Chai black tea – blended with 100% Natural Oil of Bergamot from Italy, to give you a smooth and creamy experience. Are you experienced?

Chai Van-Earl Tea – Vanilla Spiced Chai tea – smell the aroma of vanilla and six different spices blended with 100% Natural Oil of Bergamot for a creamy smooth afternoon delight…. Beats any $5 Latte’

Raspberry Earl Tea – This Raspberry infused black tea has a sweet berry note and the popular Bergamot citrus flavor you expect from an Earl Grey tea.

Simple Less Earl Tea – This decaf version is true to it’s origins, plus we give it an extra boost of the Natural Oil of Bergamot, for that distinct citrus flavor you expect from an Earl Grey tea.


Calabria Orange Coffee – A light roast with a kiss of Bergamot Oil for buttery smooth flavors, with a little kick. Perfect to start & end your day.

Bearly Irish Cream Coffee – Strong roasted Whiskey and Cream flavors with, almond, hazelnut and citrus aromas. A pub pleaser, without the alcohol. Add some CREAM, and Whiskey, if you dare…

Street Heat Coffee – Strong roasted coffee bean and peppery aromas rise up to tickle your nose as you feel the heat from real Chipotle Peppers creep up the back of your throat and linger a bit to make this a great morning kickstarter…

Special Limited and Seasonal Editions (Partial Listing)


Flamin’ Iced Tea – Sweet-Hot Summer treat

Maui Mango – Cool, Sweet & Breezy

Moroccan Monroe Cool, Sweet & Hot

Tango in The Garden – Soft, Sweet & Crisp

Also Available:

Tea Accessories

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